New ‘Send an HTTP request’ actions for Office 365 Groups, Outlook and Office 365 users in Power Automate

Recently, the ‘Send an HTTP request’ action below the Office 365 groups connector in Power Automate went silently to GA.

And we now have equivalent new actions in Preview below the Office 365 Users, Office 365 Groups, Office 365 Groups mail and Office 365 outlook connectors.

Now each connector supports its related segments in Microsoft Graph, instead of a single connector supporting more operations previously (Office 365 Groups).

Usage details and supported endpoints for each case:

Even though by now we have less endpoints available comparing to the Office 365 groups initial action that went GA, the advantage is that we can now use the beta version of Microsoft Graph in our calls, as in the example below, which was not possible in the O365 groups connector:


  1. The Connectors are not working. When you paste a graph endpoint such as and run the flow, it fails with error 400 specifying that you are providing the wrong url format. Same endpoint works in MS Graph and postman. I think there is an issue with making requests with the Send Http request connectors

    1. You need to utilise the connectors only with the ‘sub endpoints’ specified in the documentation. They do not work for all related endpoints unfortunately.

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