Two approaches to replace all occurrences of a value in a String using SharePoint list formatting: replaceAll & split + join

Until some time ago there was only a replace function in list formatting, which allowed us to replace only the first occurrence of a value in a string.

Recently Microsoft released two new operators for list formatting:

  • replaceAll
  • split

With the replaceAll we can easily replace with all occurrences of a value in a string as in the example below, where we replace client by customer:

replaceAll has 3 parameters: field, original value, replacement value


Sample JSON:

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "span",  
  "txtContent": "=replaceAll([$Title],'client','customer')"

Result (used in the Updated Text field):

The split operator accepts as a parameter a string and a value to split it:


It outputs an array with the results, so for example, the below expression:

=split('A client trip to meet the client','client')

Would return an array containing the values:

  • ‘A ‘
  • ‘ trip to meet the’
  • (empty string)

Based on this, we can use the join operator combined with the split operator to achieve the same result, by joining the split results array based on a word to be the replacement:

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "span",  
  "txtContent": "=join(split([$Title],'client'),'customer')"

For a list of all SharePoint list formatting operators check the official documentation:

Formatting syntax reference

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