Easily create a SharePoint “Timer Job” using Microsoft Flow/Power Automate

Let’s consider a case in which you have a list with a field storing a Date of Validation of the item, and if you haven’t checked this item and updated this value in 3 months, you should get a reminder of an “old item”.

Start with the recurrence trigger, setting it to run every 12 hours for example:

Timer 001

After that, generate the calculated date by choosing a date action (Subtract from time).

Timer 002

Then, use the SharePoint Get Items action, but expand the advanced session, and set the ODATA Filter Query to your date field as in the example below.

You can limit columns by view too if you prefer, preventing threshold issues. A good practice would be to index the filtered fields on the SharePoint list settings too.

Timer 003.PNG

After that, you just need to create your e-mail message pulling info from the returned items.

Timer 004

Remember to enable HTML in your message, so that you can get a better layout…

Now your “Timer Job” is ready. Every 12 hours (or the time you choose), the email destination is going to get a notification for every item that needs to be checked.

Simple as that!

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