Migrating SharePoint Online content between different Office 365 Tenants with ShareGate

We’ve recently had a SharePoint Online content migration need in a client. This client had hundreds of thousands of documents, stored in a SharePoint Online site collection. These documents needed to be transferred to the same structure in a new SharePoint Online Site Collection, in another Office 365 tenant.

There is no backup/restore option as in SharePoint On-premises version, neither any native option to migrate structured content between SharePoint Online site collections. One possibility was to develop a custom PowerShell script or a CSOM tool to do this task, but the effort do to this wouldn’t be worth, considering there are some reliable and good priced ISV solutions on the market.

So, the choice was to try ShareGate to do the content migration, and we found out that this tool is amazing. ShareGate itself has a lot of useful features, as bulk metadata editing, permission matrix, external sharing reports, custom reports, etc. And among all these features, there’s a specific tool called ShareGate Migration Tool.

It can do migrations between different SharePoint On-premises versions, without having to do an intermediate migration, e.g.: Migrate content from SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint Server 2016. It can migrate from Network Drives or Google Drive to any SharePoint version, it can migrate to/from SharePoint Online, combining the other possibilities moving content between any SharePoint version and including Google Drive/OneDrive for Business/Network Drives.

There’s a 15-day trial version that you can use to check all the features, but it has a limitation. It skips randomly some items/documents when copying, so you can’t guarantee what was migrated or not (for sure it’s a behavior in order to force you to buy a license to do any kind of real migration). If you’re going to need only migration features, maybe it’ll be worth to buy the Lite Version of ShareGate, which mainly includes the Migration Feature.

Want to see a sample of SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online Migration?

See more details here in my Linkedin Article.



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